5 Easy Steps to Getting Your Cam Girl to Do Your Kink after All

Now, as a general rule you should go to the right kind of cam girl for the show that you want to get. If you want to have a kinky cam show there are enough kinksters in the world for you to get that. But sometimes you know that a cam girl would be perfect for your kink and you just can’t stop thinking about it and her. You need to see it, and you’d be paying, so what’s the problem? If your kink isn’t banned under the site’s rules then the only thing holding her back is the fact that she doesn’t really want to. While a review of sex cam sites shows that a lot of cam girls are pretty firm about their kinks, they’re not actually set in stone. Tons of cam models on iFriends.com realized that there really wasn’t anything so wrong with a kink that they wouldn’t do once they actually tried it. So how can you make your own cam girl get over herself and out of her comfort zone? There are five easy steps to getting your cam girl to finally try that kink you’ve been begging for. It’s a bit tricky and requires patience, so only do it if you’re already seeing a cam girl regularly. If you don’t have any emotional currency built up with this cam girl before now, it’s not going to last for you. You have to really be committed to it and her in order for this to really work. Commit yourself to chat with hot cam models on one of the most popular sex cam site Tell your girl that you want to see live intercourse and if you are on a real cam site, she’ll fulfil your request

Bring up the Kink and Let It Go

“You request for a kink and she’ll fulfil it”

The first step is to bring up your kink and let her shoot you down. Let’s say that you really want your cam girl to talk dirty to you. Lots of swearing, lots of vulgar language, and it just isn’t her thing. As kinks go this is pretty mild, and there’s not many cam girls who would refuse to do it. That’s why it works for this example; it lets you see that you have to believe that she should do it. You should ask for it with confidence, expecting her to do it even though you know that she won’t. If you’ve already asked her for this very recently then you should wait at least a couple of weeks before you ask again. This way you can claim that you forgot that unlike every other cam model on iFriends.com she’s just not going to do this one particular thing for you.

When she tells you for the first time (or reminds you that she’s already told you) that she doesn’t do this kink is when you’re going to want to back off. You don’t want to come across as a jerk here. You have to get her to do it without looking like you’re getting her to do anything. It has to seem like it’s her idea. So when she tells you that she’s not going to do that you have to smile and nod and say that it’s no problem at all. You can go to someone else for this one little kink, it’s no big deal. Then don’t bring it up again for a little while. This is a long game. You might be tempted to move too fast, but if you do that it will be obvious that you’re trying to manipulate her. Cam girls might be a special breed of woman, but they do still react the same way a normal woman would be being obviously manipulated: they don’t like it. They’re not a fan.

Mention Another Cam Girl Who Does It

“Make her feel jealous by parsing other girls”

Once enough time has gone by you can move on to the next step. A couple weeks should be enough. Make sure that you’re reviewing cam sex sites at all times just so you can brush up on the kink that you want her to do. Make sure that you know how much the going rate is, and how much more she could make doing this kink than she does regularly. After you’ve done your homework and she’s had a little time to forget that you asked her for this, bring it up in chat. Instead of just asking for her to do something for you, bring up this other cam girl whom you know does the kink you want. Bring it up like gossip in a group chat. Mention that she makes a good wage off of that sort of thing, and shrug about it.

The important thing for you to do is to mention specific details. Mention a cam girl by screen name whom you know does this. Mention how much she makes. Mention in general that you’re impressed with her, and that you like that she’s popular. Leave it at that, but you need to have all those elements. What you’re doing is planting the seeds of jealousy. Those are the things that will keep this cam girl thinking about what you’ve said for weeks to come.

Bring in Men Who Also Enjoy Your Kink

“Invite other users so that she can make more money”

If you can get in touch with other guys who like your kink then this is the time to do it. Bring them in and have them ask for it over and over. Have them talk about the cam girls who do that, and how she’d be perfect for it. Just make sure that she doesn’t associate them with you. This is about showing her that there’s a real market for it. There are tons of kinks with only a handful of followers on the average cam site. You need to prove that adding this kink to her list of skills would bring in more than enough money to justify it. Reviews of sex cam kink sites will help you figure out where you should go to find people who like this kink and might be willing to help you.

If you really don’t have anyone online who will help you with this then you might have to take matters into your own hands. Anon accounts can be used to parrot your views. Don’t be suspicious about it. Use a smartphone or other laptop computer to cam even when you’re not usually on. This will let her know that it’s not you. Vary your spelling and punctuation as much as possible without being ridiculous, and try to avoid using the same phrases over and over.

Buy Her the Basic Equipment

“Buy her a butt plug to make the kink more interesting”

If she doesn’t have the equipment to do the kink but you know that she’s softening to the idea, tell her that it would mean a lot to you to know that she just has the things she needs to do it. Then buy her the starting equipment. Of course, this is where the earlier example fails; there really isn’t any equipment for dirty talk. Still, you could buy her her first butt plug or costume piece. It doesn’t have to be the nicest, it just has to be something.

Keep Bringing It Up

“Now it’s my time to show him what I got”

Once you’ve gotten all of that set up all you have to do is not let it die. Keep stoking the fire at intervals; encourage her jealousy of other cam girls, make sure she has what she needs, and have people keep asking for it. She’ll totally crack eventually from the pressure and give you the best show you’ve seen.

All You Need to Know about the Barely Legal Cam Model

Some girls get a tattoo on their 18th birthday. Some get a facial piercing that they weren’t allowed to have before, or start wearing those low cut shirts their mothers hate. And some girls just skip all those regular rebellions and settle on starting their own cam modeling career and raking in money hand over fist. Girls mature in a variety of ways. No adult cam site rating is complete without a break down about the age demographics of the cam girls on it. Unsurprisingly, a lot of men really love the barely legal cam models. They are the most popular, so if you want to make any sort of impact with them you have to understand how they function, how they think, and what you can do to make things work in your favor when you’re camming with them. Having a better understanding will make sure that you have a better time every time.

The Dangers She Faces Camming

“She is taking a risk with her future”

First you have to understand that a cam girl is taking a huge risk camming at all. This is true whether she’s 18 or 80, but the younger she is the more power it could hold over her life. This kind of job is something that will follow her around forever. Not to mention the fact that some of these images might be saved. There’s nothing that can stop a determined man from recording a live show, and a lot of the cam sites actually record some of her shows themselves. They then use these pictures in the promotional ads for the site that they’re on. Even sites like WickedCamsLive.com is doing it. She’s taking a risk with her future to take a stand. Not every cam girl has really thought it all through, but some of them have. It is important to log on to nice cam sites so that you don’t be a part of this act. Go to http://topcamsites.co.uk/compare/review-wickedcamslive/HYPERLINK “http://topcamsites.co.uk/compare/review-wickedcamslive/%3c/a” to read reviews about WickedCamsLive and watch sexy webcam models on the top five cam sites.

Every cam girl is different, but a lot of these girls have really thought through the issues with camming and how they’re making money. A lot of barely legal cam girls are college students or will be very soon, and they just need the money. They’ve decided to take a risk and do what they know that they can do so that they can be able to continue their education and maybe get another job one day that they’re more passionate about. Even if they’re not worried about this job turning up on their future background checks, they are probably worried about people finding out. The thing is that even though she’s technically an adult other people still have a lot of control over her life. Her parents could disapprove, and depending on what her home life is like she could be disowned. She could be mocked by her peers, or pressured to perform in person for men. This is about the opposite of her online camming job, because when she’s online there’s no way for her to be touched or to have to touch her clients. Taking this camming thing offline could potentially destroy her life for years to come, and will leave memories that will never be gone. A barely legal cam girl is making a bold choice, whether she’s thought about all off this specifically or not. She’s risking everything.

How to Compliment Her Looks

“You are such a barbie”

It takes skill to get into a barely legal cam girl’s good books. You want to compliment her looks not because it will blow her away, but because everyone’s doing it. She’s going to expect you to think she’s hot and voice these thoughts. Once you’ve given her what she expects you can move on to blow her mind with some other compliments, but first you have to lay the foundation.

You don’t want to come off as aggressive or pervy here. Even though she’s a cam girl now she’s still going to be thinking in terms of “pervy” and “inappropriate”. There will be a bit of a gap before her comfort level makes her realize that even if men are perving on her there’s nothing that they could do about it because she’s far, far away. What you should do is focus on the parts of her body that she’s clearly worked on. If her hair is in a plait, you should compliment that. If she has tattoos or piercings, tell her that they make her look fantastic. Whatever she’s worked on is something you can complement and she’ll just feel great, not like anything weird happened. Barely legal cam models are bold, but they’re also a bit skittish-especially if you’re an older man. Give her space at first.

How to Compliment Her Act

“Your act was fantastic”

You’ve told her that she’s gorgeous and she’s accepted the compliment. What are you going to follow it up with? Compliment her act. If she’s barely legal than it has to be a new act. It might need some work. There are a few things that cam girls have to learn through experience. No article rating an adult cam site will tell her how to pace her requests so she doesn’t have to pant on camera. She’ll either figure that out for herself or she won’t, and you have to really hope that she will. Tell her that she has a lot of natural talent but also that you can see the effort that she’s putting in. Making it seem like it’s effortless would be nice, but cam girls react better to being told that their effort is working. Then she knows that she should keep trying and the same great results will keep happening for her. That’s the true beauty of piling on this praise; when you boost her confidence she keeps practicing, and when she keeps practicing she actually will get better. You are personally shaping the destiny and earning power of this poor barely legal little cam model. A lot of men like cam girls this age for that reason; they have a lot of control over what goes on.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Her Sex Toys as Gifts

“Gift her something unique except a sex toy”

Sure, every cam model on WickedLiveCams.com has the same sex toy except for your new little barely legal girl. It might sound fun to spring it on her as a gift, but a lot of cam girls don’t actually want to receive sex toy presents at this stage. It’s just too soon for her; remember, she’s skittish. What you should do is invest this money into something that she will like. You can do that by buying her something fun and nonsexual that she wants. A new video game is a good idea, as well as clothes that she can add to her costume pile. There’s plenty of time to get her more exciting sex toys later on, when she’s less skittish.

Know That She’s Very Popular

“Being a new cam girl, she’ll very populer”

Remember that rating of cam sites for adults? Remember that she’s going to be very, very popular when she’s new and then that will go away. If you’re around when the initial rush of being the newest girl on the block wears off you’ll have a much better chance of earning some emotional currency with her. She’s going to be dropped like a hot potato when she’s 19, so get ready to weather that crash and cash in on being there for her.

Burn Fat, Lose Weight

There are many different ways to burn fat. You can do activities such as bike riding, jogging, walking, aerobics classes, dancing, and swimming, as well as taking fat burners and using various exercise equipment. You may be curious to know which way is the best way to burn fat. However, we think that there is no one specific way to burn fat better than another. Instead, we feel that you should do several of these things in conjunction with taking a fat burner to aid you in losing weight. We know that losing weight can be difficult. You didn’t gain weight in a day and you certainly won’t lose it in a day. However, when you take certain steps and become aware of the things you do and why you do them, it helps you make a better conscious effort of your daily eating habits and also encourages you to make non-sedentary choices.

Getting to Know the Gym


“Clear all your doubts and queries before joining a Gym”

When you first sign up for a gym membership, many times, depending on the gym, they try to offer you a lot of different bells and whistles. Some of the programs and other services that some gyms will try to offer you are things you’ll never actually end up using. When you sign up for a gym membership, make sure you take your time and listen to what’s being pitched to you. It is more than okay to ask questions and to ask for further explanation of something that you do not understand.

While it varies from gym to gym, with your gym membership, you’re usually allowed access to the fitness room. In most cases, the fitness room is the room where all of the exercise and weightlifting equipment is. Your gym membership may also include various types of exercise programs that are geared toward helping you lose weight. Some of these programs include aerobics, water aerobics, Zumba, cycling, and kickboxing.

Some of the larger, more popular gyms also include certain types of cafes and smoothie bars. They may also include areas for you to purchase the top fat burning supplements. Taking a fat burning supplement before you begin your workout can only add to the increase in your metabolism, which further enhances how quickly your body burns fat. You may find popular fat burners, such as Irwin Naturals, as well as some not so popular ones.


“Getting a personal fitness trainer is a good idea”

Another thing you may notice at a gym is that there are personal trainers available. In many cases, working with a personal trainer is an extra charge. If you can afford a personal trainer, he or she can recommend the top fat burning supplements for you to use.Your personal trainer can also help you begin a workout routine that is specific for your body and your weight loss goals.

If you cannot afford a personal trainer or feel one is not right for you, you can still start your journey of fat burning and weight loss. If the exercise equipment available at your gym does not include special built-in computers that monitor your specific goals and progress, you can bring your own notebook or use your cellphone to keep up with this type of data. Once you become aware of what you can do and how long you can do it, you can begin to make other goals and to strive for pushing yourself to do more.

Don’t Forget to Eat Right


“Get a diet plan in place”

Burning fat and losing weight are not just about how long you can last on a Stairmaster or how many laps you can swim in a pool. Making healthy food choices is just as important as working out. While the top fat burning supplements do aid in helping you to burn fat, if you are eating loads of sugary and fattening foods, it makes the fat burner you are taking, such as Irwin Naturals, counter effective. You should know that we have tested fat burners like Irwin Naturals. Check This Review to See if Irwin Naturals are Safe/Natural and based on this fat burner review you can make your choice.

When you take a fat burner, it helps to increase your metabolism. If you are full from sugary sweets and fried, greasy foods, your fat burner is only burning the heavy foods you consumed, leaving you back at square one. However, if you change your eating habits and are eating healthy and natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, and protein and then taking a fat burning supplements, you may notice that not only are you feeling incredibly energized, you are also quickly burning fat. That is because the vitamins and minerals found in these foods contain powerful fat burning properties. They also contain natural sugars that give you energy but do not bog you down.

However, we realize that it may be difficult to cut out certain foods and drinks from your diet. While the ideal diet would not include things like sodas and donuts, which are loaded with sugar and empty calories, we think that if you just limit those types of foods, you will still be able to quickly burn fat and lose weight. One or two sodas a week is not nearly as damaging to your body as drinking a soda every single day.

Drink Your Minerals


“Drink plenty of water to lose weight”

Something else essential to burning fat and losing weight is making sure you are drinking enough water. Some believe that you should drink eight full glasses of water, while others say that six is the proper amount. We believe that you should drink that amount of water required for your body depending on your size and weight. However, if you are only drinking one glass of water a day, it is not enough, and failing to drink enough water can be harmful to your body in several different ways. Not only that, but when you do not have enough water inside of your body and attempt to workout, you can make yourself extremely sick.

Another liquid you should consider drinking is tea. Hot green and black tea, especially green tea, can be very good for you and your body before or after working out. Similar to fat burners, green tea boosts you metabolism and helps to reduce fat. Green tea also strengthens your endurance. What this means is that if you drink green tea before your workout, you may notice that you are able to last longer during your typical routine. This allows you to burn even more fat and ultimately aids in your weight loss goals.


“Drinking tea can help you lose weight”

Drinking black tea is also helpful when trying to burn fat and lose weight. Black tea is full of antioxidants, which work wonders for the body and nervous system. Black tea has very little sodium as well as low levels of fat and calories. It also helps to reduce cardiovascular issues.

Another benefit of drinking tea – green tea, black tea, white tea, or herbal tea – is that tea typically tastes really good. You can add things like milk and honey to your tea (and perhaps sugar or another type of sweetener as long as you do not go overboard with it.)Cooled herbal teas are generally better than water for quenching thirst.

How you choose to burn fat and lose weight is up to you, but these steps are simple and easy to maintain. Whether you are spending an hour at the gym or have decided to workout at home, making sure to eat right and drink plenty of liquids that aid in the process of burning fat can help you lose weight, and adding a fat burner to your diet will help even more.

Why 99% Of Live Cam Sites Are a Complete Scam And Not Worth Joining: White Labeling Explained


“Find out which sites are white labels”

“Find out which sites are white labels”

There are only a few legit live cam sites available. If you are looking for a good one, you need to be aware of the bad ones. The truth is, 99% of all adult websites are white labels and not worth your time or money. Having just a bit of knowledge will keep you from running into hordes of scams, and keep your money where it belongs: your wallet. Here, white labeling is explained as well as what you can expect from white label sites that may make you cringe and run the other way.

What is white labeling?

“It means that you can rebrand any product you want”

“It means that you can rebrand any product you want”

White labeling is not a term specific to the adult industry. It has been around for years, from the first generic product listed for sale. That is the essence of what a white label product is. It is a product or service that has been copied and rebranded as own without giving credit to the original manufacturer or company. Some are legit white labels, such as generic medicine where they have permission to rebrand or sell the product as a generic version of the original brand. However, most are covert. It is, at its very core, stealing. They steal proprietary information through nefarious and ingenious means, change a few things to give it their own brand name and might even add their own personal touches. Then, it is put for sale to lure unsuspecting customers to think that it was all their idea.

What does this mean for live cam sites?

“Money – A lot of money”

“Money – A lot of money”

Legit live cam sites are a rarity, and they are hard to find. Most of what you will find on the internet is cheap rebrands of existing, profitable and quality sites. The companies steal the software, the layouts, and sometimes even the videos and pictures from these legitimate sites, and rebrand it as their own with only a few touches to make it seem different from the rest. They steal customers from the legitimate sites and are dangerous for you.

Why 99% of all cam are sites white labels?

To answer this as simply as possible, it can be summarized into one word: profit. By making a white label site, these smaller companies can make mass profits because they pay little to nothing for their software, usually do all of their backend work for free on their own, and pay their girls less than what they are worth. This all leads to scams.

Scams abound with white labeled live cam sites

“Don’t fall for the scams”

“Don’t fall for the scams”

Scams are the major way these sites make their money. The girls scam you for their employers, and then are often crafty enough to scam you again for their own financial gains. You are their bread and butter, and they are experts at getting you to pay far more than you bargained for, and usually with a grin on your face. If they can use it against you, they will find a way.

Cam site reviews are misleading- how you can tell the good from the bad

Reviews are one of the worst things you can pay attention to if you are trying to find legit live cam sites. These people often write the reviews themselves, or worse, hire experienced freelance writers for next to nothing in order to write them professionally. They maximize these reviews for search engine optimization so that the results show up on the first page of your search results in Google or other search engines. The best way to tell the good reviews from the bad is the length. If the review is more than a few sentences long, it is usually a fake. If there is any bold text or italics in the review, it is more than likely a fraud. In addition, pay attention to the wordage. If they overuse text speak, they are trying too hard, and if there is no text speak in the review, read it carefully and go by your gut instinct.

How do the girls scam you?

“She would seduce you to get you on a Skype chat”

“She would seduce you to get you on a Skype chat”

The girls are the biggest scam artists for white label cam sites. They have many tactics to employ from stalling to getting you on Skype, and their employers are the ones to teach most of these tactics to them. Others, the girls come up by themselves and are just as dangerous and deceptive.

They will stall you to make you pay for more time with them

If you pay by the minute, or even by half hour increments, these girls will stall for as long as they can to make you rack up a hefty bill. White label sites encourage this. They aren’t interested in your enjoyment. Their only concern is using your amorous desires against you to squeeze as much cash out of your wallet as possible. This usually entails getting you into a conversation so you do not realize how slowly they are disrobing. Remember that they are there to give you a show, not to remain clothed and chatty.

There is the Skype scam, as well

Girls on legit live cam sites will not ask you for your personal information, your Skype username, or any other forms of contact. Yet, this is a major way girls of white label sites make their income. They give you their show, usually after stalling until you have paid more than you wanted, and then want to get you on Skype for future shows that they tell you they will perform free. The trick is, these girls record you. If you give them a show while they are giving you yours, they are recording it. These recordings, especially once they get you on Skype, will then be used against you, usually as blackmail to get exorbitant amounts of money from you over the long term. You can read a site review like camorous review to check if it’s a scam. Read Camorous Cam Site Reviews – Is Camorous.com a Scam? Find out yourself. You must avoid sex cam scams and never let anyone blackmail you for enjoying few minutes of pleasure.

They are great at getting you from sob story to Western Union

If they cannot get you into Skype, they break out the sob story. They may tell you that they have no friends because of the business they are in, or they may go straight to the sick relative they are trying to support. These girls are experts at straining your heart strings in unimaginable ways to get you out of your chair and into line at Western Union to send them money to help whatever situation they cried at you. If it isn’t Western Union, it is PayPal or cash through the mail.

Do not forget the viruses!

Who could forget the viruses? These aren’t just the popup ads that flag your antivirus like crazy. These are the key loggers that they have expertly crafted to fool your antivirus into ignoring them. With these little things, they get your passwords to every site you visit, your financial information from credit cards and billing information, to your social security number and birth date. This information, depending on how often you buy things online and check your bank account, can be acquired in a matter of days. After that, your identity has been stolen and you can expect your credit score to tank and a flood of bills will start crashing into your mailbox.
White label sites are the bane of legit live cam sites and make it harder for you to find the good ones. It is increasingly harder to wade through the trash to find the gold, because the gold is mimicked by the brassy equivalents that are still shiny and look new. Beware and use this knowledge wisely while you search for a good time.

Avoid the Scam, Get the Payoff When You Use Sex Sites


“Stay clear of scam sites”

Every dude’s goal when he uses sites to improve his sex life is to find dates and sex, avoid scams. Admit it. You know it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with it, either. There isn’t even anything wrong with using sex sites. The trick is getting the hookup without losing your wallet in the process. There are a few different kinds of dating and sex site scams you’ll find. The most common one is when a hooker has a profile just like any other woman on the site, you set up a date, you meet her, and you find out she’s expecting a couple hundred bucks. That’s not exactly a guy’s dream date. Worse is when you set up a date with someone you think is a regular chick, except you’ve been using a scam site, and the chick you hook up with is a cop out on a sting. At least you can be honest and say you thought you were just meeting her for a date.

The better way to deal with it, though, is to not have to at all. Avoid sex and date finding site scams and still get the payoff by taking our advice.

Red Flags: Use Extreme Caution If You Can’t Just Avoid These Types of Sites


“Appearance can be deceptive”

The biggest red flag indicating a dating and sex finding site scam comes up in the ads. If an ad is telling you about “HOT XXX CAM GIRLS WAITING FOR YOU”, it’s a pretty good indicator that the site’s a scam. A legitimate site would link to other legitimate sites; they wouldn’t link to sex workers. Not that we have anything against sex workers, especially not the lovely ladies at the Tabbi Kat strip club! We just know that sites that are trying to hook people up in meat space aren’t going to also send visitors off to spend money on getting a show through a camera. The legitimate sites are all about finding us someone to do a real bump-and-grind with. For example, you can read about xdating.com and
We′re Going to Tell You If Xdating Is a Scam or Not with Our Review. Visit fingtacticsguide.com to find legit sites and save yourself from scam sites.

Another scam red flag is when a lot of the babes’ profiles read like they were written by a computer, the same person, or professionals. Sure, people start getting decent at writing their own profiles after a while and know how to get other users’ attention—it’s what gets them play in meat space—but legitimate profiles don’t read like they were written by Don Draper. They also don’t read like physical asset Mad Libs. If you’re on a site specifically for sex hookups, you’re going to see a lot of “my firm DDs” and all that, but it’s when you see things like “hot for YOU” that you hit a red flag. She doesn’t know you. She doesn’t know anything about you. “Hot for YOU” is a pro way to make dudes feel special and reel you in. It’s also what lands you in a motel room, your pants around your ankles, while she reels off a price list. It’s not a pretty picture. Avoid it if you can.

Yellow Blinkers: Proceed with Caution, but You Might Be Safe


“Do you really believe that she is hot for you?”

Some sites are up in the air. You might not have that “hot for YOU” red flag waving in your face, but you could still come across some indicators on a site that otherwise seems legitimate that mean you should be careful. It’s entirely possible that a site with dating and sex-finding scams could have a few legitimate uses. You just need to watch your step and make sure you don’t give out your credit card information, but that’s good advice for most places on the internet.

If you’re browsing a site for sex opportunities and come across an ad in which a babe says that she has no limits or she’ll do what you want, you could either have someone very kinky and with no self-esteem, you could have a hooker, or you could have a cop setting up a sting. Either way, it’s a good sign to watch your step.

Craigslist is actually a good example of this. Its “casual encounters” section is full of legitimate ads and then, every so often, a hooker or police sting crops up. Pay attention to the types of pictures used, the language she chooses (if it’s anything like, “I’ll play on your terms,” then you need to get far away from her ad), and how she describes herself. Most non-hooker women aren’t going to describe themselves as porn stars. They’re going to talk about how they’re tired from a long day of waiting tables and want a no-strings-attached way to unwind. Those are exactly the ads you should go for: when she’s blunt about what she wants, when she provides a decent description and photos, and when she doesn’t talk about herself the way someone would in a porno.

Blue Skies and Green Lights: Go All the Way


“Legit sites is the way to go”

There are, fortunately, sites that are perfectly decent out there. They might not be free, but that means you’re that much less likely to come across a sting or a hooker; they can’t justify paying for a membership that might not pay off. There are good sites out there if you just do some hunting. You can find ones with weekly or monthly memberships, and some offer a one-day trial. You can see plenty of legitimate ads then. These kinds of sites are ones where you find things like, “Just got out of a crazy day at the office and I need something to help me sleep,” and she’ll probably pair it with something like a shot of her legs in stockings and her heels on the floor by her feet.

They won’t all be that classy, of course. That depends on the site you use and where you live, not to mention the days you happen to be on. Many of these sites wipe ads after two or three days to protect members from harassment. That also depends on the site you use; a factor in that is how much you’re willing to pay. It can be worth it to pony up for the more expensive sites, though. Not only do you get things like the office worker and her stockings and heels, but you also get the option of browsing for people who are only looking for a hookup, who are looking for a date, or who are looking for either. You can narrow down your pool to exactly what you’re interested in—say, that office worker with the stockings and heels, but you also might come across a professor looking for a date to a faculty function who’s willing to go along with a made-up history to make it look like she has more of a social life than she really does. You might get laid, you might get a date, or you could even somehow find yourself with a full-blown relationship.

Date-finding and sex sites are fun and awesome, and we’re huge proponents of them. We’re just also advocates of being careful of where you look and who you contact; you don’t want to explain to a cop that you misunderstood. It’s much better to end up with Sandy the waitress in a motel for the night.

Making A Good First Impression Starts With Writing The Right Email On Classifieds Dating Sites


“Write a great first email”

To be able to charm an army of potential matches in online dating, all you need is familiarize and know your way around a computer keyboard. The unwritten rule for initial introduction to heartfelt conversations down the line is to use spell check, be nice, and don’t make it too long that the reader might fall asleep or get bored. Sometimes, though, even the best e-mail senders make a few mistakes. What you need to know is that making a good impression to prospect partner starts with writing the right email. Here are some mistakes when sending e-mails to prospects on online dating sites.

Getting too personal

Feeling comfortable online is pretty simple because you are sitting in front of a computer screen and know the best things about the person you are chatting with. If you use email and instant messaging, the conversation comes out naturally. However, this is not always healthy. According to an article on classified dating tips, e-mail messages that contain too much information about your life can be a huge turn off to many people. According to Liz Kelly, a dating coach, too much information can create a false sense of intimacy and sets the stage for awkward in-person conversations. Instead of asking about how the previous relationship ended when the topic comes up naturally, the only thing left to ask is “Did the ex boyfriend/girlfriend ever bother to pick up the things he/she left at your place?” and this can become an uncomfortable topic.

Before sharing any information, ask yourself if you would be comfortable sharing the details with the new guy/girl at work if you were having coffee together for the first time. Since you barely know the person you are emailing, it is best to save some information for later when you know each other better.

Super common shortcuts

Don’t assume that shortcuts or other online jargons will make someone fall head over heels in love with you. Emoticons are fine, but language shortcuts can be risky because they look affected. Many people hate reading words that lack several consonants and figuring out the words can cause a headache. Using too many emoticons should also be avoided as well as acronyms like LOL and TTYL. This gives the impression that you aren’t serious in the courtship and can make the other person disappointed. Some also go for a person with intellect and using these shortcuts can be a setback. Take time to spell out words or inserting a smiley, make a sentence about how happy you feel or what made you laugh. Doing this will let the e-mail’s receiver know that he/she is respected.

Prematurely responding


“Show patience”

A classified dating tips article mentions that everyone in this generation is very used to emailing or chatting that it is practically instinctive to hit the reply button and send back whatever is on our mind. Replying right away can go wrong in the stage where you are still getting to know one another. Responding to an email rapidly can give the impression that you’re not doing anything except waiting for the person to write you. Even if you are a fast typist, it sends the message that you did not spend enough time thinking of a reply. If the person won’t mind you replying right away to his/her e-mail, doing so can create a pattern where he/she will expect you to write back immediately. If one day something comes up and you are unable to respond, the person will be worried sick about what might have happened to you.

If you’re a “trigger happy” responder and can’t stop yourself from doing so, save your letter as a draft and hit the send button later. Wait for a few hours and read through the emails you have composed earlier to see if there is anything you shouldn’t have mentioned.

Accidental insults

Believe it or not, many people forget that the receiver cannot hear a voice or, see any body language, or sense the tone in the e-mail message. Some of us may write something that was meant to be a joke but the reader took it the wrong way and was offended. This is especially true if we use sarcasm in the email or make a bad pun. Cultural differences or upbringing can also cause a misunderstanding. If you met someone on an online dating site who happened to be a different race or nationality from you, it is best to be careful with what you say. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use humor in your email at all. In fact, this highlights your personality. Just be smart about it and reread the joke in different tones to see if there is any chance the recipient can misunderstand it. To be safe, explain in the later part of the message that it is your sense of humor.

Stating the obvious


“Don’t start with the obvious and bore her”

When sending an introductory email, do not mention anything about you seeing this person’s profile and saying you want to get to know him/her better because you have similarities. Also, do not ask the recipient to check out your profile so he/she can write you back when they have the time. If you think about it, you obviously saw the person’s profile because that’s you wrote to him/her. Clearly, the person will also look through your profile to decide whether to write back to you or not. The point of the first email is to get a person’s attention. It is best to say something that he/she won’t get from your profile. Comment on something you saw in that person’s profile and build rapport from there.

Basics of cutting and pasting

There are topics that you would need to keep covering in e-mail messages from one person to another. Some of these topics would be your favorite music groups, movies, food, and where you live. What many people do is whip up a standard set of paragraphs and copy – paste them to all e-mails they send. According to experts, though, this is a bad idea. Doing this can take away the natural way the conversation should go. A sudden change in the tense or the tone, a different font size or color and repeating information you have already covered with that person makes it sound exactly like a script.

Not saying “Hello”


“Say ‘hello’, when you’re online”

A survey was conducted with those who have profiles on online dating sites. For convenience’s sake, people start communicating using personal accounts for instant messaging and e-mail. The thing is, when they fire that first note, it does not come with a profile or photo attached. The receiver won’t realize that the person who sent the e-mail is the same as the one who sent the add contact request on the IM. This mistake could have been prevented if a brief message saying your name and where you saw his/her profile was inserted.

Making up stories

A significant percentage of men and women lie about many things: income, marital status, occupation, education level, and others when creating a profile about them. Lies will catch up to those who make things up sooner or later. If you find someone who is really interested in you and you lied to her/him, it will be just a matter of time before she finds out the truth. If you are just as interested in her/him, how would that person feel when you have to admit you are not all that you said you were? Won’t that person be disappointed and lose interest in you? So, always be honest when creating a profile. Once, you have a legit profile, you can start writing emails to women. If you are new to this internet dating, you can follow classified personals strategy for writing emails. Get some tips here http://bestdatingclassifieds.com/tips/. You can use dating classifieds tactics and tips to write perfect first emails and create a good first impression. Taking note of what not to do when sending that first email to someone you’re attracted to will ensure you get lots of communication from prospects.

How To Tell If A Personals Ad Dating Profile Is Fake In 5 Simple Steps


“Confused about a dating profile, Probably it’s a fake”

Did you know that roughly 1 out of every 10 online dating profiles is fake? This is according to the research made by Seeking Arrangement, one of the most popular online dating sites today. And these fakes are not just lying about their age and some details about their identity; rather, they are scammers who want to take money from unsuspecting people in dating sites. Indeed, it can be hard for anyone to determine what is real and what is fake online. A study of fake online dating profile shows that, most posers or should we call scammers, claim to be decent, well-mannered or even religious, making their profile sound and look too good to be true.

The issue of fake and posers in online dating websites has grown so much in the past couple of years, and what is worse is that, many of these sites don’t have strict guidelines and systems to spot these scammers, though some sites discourage it better than others.

Where do these fakes and posers come from, and why are they invading online dating sites? Well, the anonymity of most dating sites has paved the road for scammers, thieves, cheaters, and even the sex industry, giving these individuals quick money any way they can. As a matter of fact, on their reviews of personal dating sites, the FBI estimates an amount of $50 million is lost to romance scams a year. So how can one that is genuinely looking for a date (or true love) wades through these fake profiles and find the perfect match? This entry will talk about the common ways of the posers and the 5 simple steps to tell if a personal ad dating profile is fake or real.

So what is a fake online dating profile?

A fake profile for online dating sites is a profile made by opportunistic individuals to inaccurately represent the person who made the profile. This is often used to mislead other members of the online dating platform for many different reasons. About 75% of these fake profiles are of woman.

Fake Online Dating Profiles By the Numbers


“There are many fake profiles out there, just like this”

As estimate of 600 profiles are being deleted by Seeking Arrangement. And out of the 60,000 fake accounts they’ve deleted as of May of this year, 2012, they’ve broken down the digits on 7 most shared characteristics. These statistics are based on the 60,000 accounts.

82% listed “Catholic” as their Religion

71% posed as females.

63% say they are “widowed” and play the sympathy card.

54% listed themselves as smart by having a Ph.D. while 37% said they graduated with a degree.

36% wrote their ethnicity as “Native American”, while 19% said they’re multicultural.

Most fake profiles listed their location abroad, 28% said they’re currently in Nigeria. 23% said they’re based in Ukraine, while 21% said they were in the Philippines.

26% said they were Engineers, while 25% claimed to be royalty. 23% said they were self-employed.

So how do you spot a fake profile? Here are 5 easy steps:


“Take out your magnifying glass and spot the fakes”

Profile Description is Empty or Too Short or Badly Written

The most important and the easiest way to spot a fake account is by reading through the person’s profile. When it comes to social media and social networking, be it in any shape or form, real people invest time in filling up their personal information. Even if they have to put information the moment they joined the site. A real person will most likely go back the next day to fill out things he or she may have missed that will make the profile look good.

If the description is too short, that means he or she doesn’t have time to fabricate more lies.

Also, if the description has too many grammatical errors, spelling errors or sentences don’t make sense, then you probably need to question that account’s credibility.

Another good hint is that, if he or she is not using first-person pronouns, then you should be careful. If the person describes self in third person and shy away from using words like “my” and “I”, then chances are, that person is subconsciously trying to distance him or herself from the lies.

It’s always a numbers game for scammers. Chances are, they have multiple fake accounts from different sites, and they don’t have the time to make a single profile look good and realistic.

Check out the Photos


“If a picture is too hot, it’s probably a fake”

Check out the photo of your prospective date. Everybody in these sites would opt to use their hottest and most gorgeous pictures to look attractive, and that’s one good way to present one’s self in dating sites. However, if the photo is too-good-to-be true, then think again. You may need to consider checking more of his or her photos.

Fake profiles will always use photos of compromising poses even in most unusual improper settings. They will use pictures of good-looking people and use it were them. Real people on the other hand, will use a photo or two in normal settings.

You can check the authenticity of the photo online through image search. Google has this feature where you can easily drag and drop the image in the search bar.

Profile Talks Too Much Drama or Hate

This is one good sign that the person is trying to distance him or herself from the lies or simply contains too much hate. Many fakes out there post so much hate and even libelous accusations that are over-the-top. Next time you stumble on hate profiles, the best thing you can do is to report it.

You can basically take a hint of someone else’s character based solely on what they write in their profiles. If the profile sounds like it’s making too much drama for no apparent reason, then that profile is likely misrepresenting the picture it uses, and is likely a bogus account.

Too-good-to-be True Occupation


“She can lie about her profession as a Model”

People in online dating sites will always try to impress others on their achievements and what they do for a living. Though a large number of bogus accounts pose themselves as engineers, it seems that, more and more scammers identify themselves as doing something really cool for a living, such as modeling or musicians. Let’s face it, we all want to date someone who is successful. Thus, it pays to question these claims, especially if you have not seen them in anything as they said.

Contains Links to Adult Sites

If you’re chatting to a hot girl or tall and handsome man and notice a URL in his or her profile that links to an adult related site, then most likely, that person is not the person he or she claims.

Bottom Line

If all these five things listed above have checked out, and all your skepticism has been answered, you may want to ask for the person’s Facebook profile URL for a more thorough background check. Also, if you wish to connect with your prospective dates, start with video chats such as Face Time or Skype to get acquainted with each other and start building rapport from there before the actual meet-up or date.

There are countless of online dating sites out there, and a fake dating profile is one of the easiest ways to scam anyone. Be meticulous in your reviews of personals dating sites. You can read xxx black book review and make a full comparison with other sites to find out whether xxxblackbook.com is a scam site or not. This comparison could help you spot scam dating sites. Remember these tips next time you read personal ad dating profiles and keep yourself away from these fake and opportunistic individuals.

IRL – How To Transition From Online Dating To Meeting In Person


Your dating profile shined as the cream of the crop and earned the award of garnering potential mates in multiples. Enjoy the privilege to go around your list, choose a potential catch, link up, and go beyond the digital world. Flirting online paid off and you are now on the way to the real world and gearing face-to-face. Leaving online dating sites that work and on to claiming the reward demands even better navigation. The first meeting need not be complicated by heeding to some caveats before indulging.

Translating Internet Conversation into Personal Confrontation


“Maintaining the same flow of conversation offline could be difficult”

The exchanges of flirtatious messages in the web are made easy by online dating sites that work. However, establishing the rapport in person can be out of your depth and make you tongue-tied. Follow these guidelines from the web to a face-to-face level:
1. Consider the date from a woman’s viewpoint. The date is about you and your enjoyment but in general, the stakes are higher for women. A woman’s investment in a first date far exceeds a man in terms of time and effort. Preparation takes its toll from trying on new hairdos or simply doing her hair, to applying the perfect makeup and picking the best fit wardrobe. Make the date worth her while. If chemistry lacks, at least you won the karma points.
2. Make it a real first date. Meet her in a nice environment and get to know her rather than just check her out. A lunch date is far better impressive than just drinks or coffee. A real first date requires treating with respect. Foot the bill with or without the spark.
3. Prepare an exit plan. Think of parting strategy be it an emergency escape or simply getting out of an awful situation. Dating advices on safety are reasonably aimed for women. Sexual predators linger even in some online dating sites that work with ladies and matured single women as usual prey. Do not take her doubts personally by letting her use common sense.
4. Know the red flags. Trusting so easily is a common pitfall in online communication. The person you are flirting around online may not be who and what that person claims to be. A date with a man with heavy sexual referencing or a woman so interested in finances must be proceeded with caution, if you must, at all.
5. Trust your instincts. A tendency to deal with past relationships on first date is a bad sign. Watch out for a clingy type of person as it may be difficult shaking off later. If you feel something is weird or off, it is likely to be. Cut your losses and be tactful in leaving.
6. Do not over-focus on your fantasy. Your fantasy towards your date can get you wrapped up without a high degree of self-awareness. Do not rationalize reality and fabricate excuses. Deal with the truth even if it means your date is not good for you or miss the cue, get unreal, and be sorry.
7. Be honest. Do not say things you do not mean and promise things you would not do even if it feels like shooting a puppy. Leading a person on is more cruel in time. Man up if you are and pick the tab up. It pays to build karma points and live by with a clear conscience of a gentleman.
8. End the date well. If the chemistry is lacking, ending it can be awkward. Attraction is a no-brainer as you simply suggest getting together again and make a follow-through after several hours. Otherwise, find the kindest words you can get and make sure you will live up to what was promised. Repulsion is easing back to the ways of the internet than in person. Remember to always thank your date for the time and effort. As wise men say, “All’s Well That Ends Well”.

Shortcut to Safety in Online Dating


“Never compromise on safety”

Internet dating offers friendship, love, marriage and everything else in between.Knowing the best and legit online dating websites – mentioned here: http://topdatingsitesguide.com/best-sites/, can help you find a perfect relationship. The top online dating sites offers the best services to people who are genuine and looking for a real relationship.These sites cater to people’s various needs. However, treating red flags with abandon may lead to deep trouble and even death. Stop when something feels wrong.
Decide on budget and site type. Large sites offer a broader spectrum while specific ones are niche-focused ranging from black dating, gay dating, or even religious sites.
Subscribe. There is a wide range of prices and discounts as well as free trials.
Register with true information. Pick a recent and attractive photo and provide correct data. You would not want to make personal meeting difficult later.
Create your profile. Slightly different information is asked by each site. Wherever you are in, stand out with a remarkable opening line.
Hold off private information. Know when to give out your phone number and home address, if at all necessary, but know his as soon as possible.
Identify your prospects. Check reviews or write an email to get more information for further verification.
Be suspicious and cautious of online predators. Avoid webcam and highly sexual discussions.
Talk by phone. This is one step closer to familiarize when you are at ease and yet safer than meeting personally.
Meet up. When you think it is time, meeting at a public place is fine. Tag a friend along or have somebody know about your plan.

How to Convince a Girl for a Date

All it takes is confidence, a clear plan of action, and the following guide:
Know your goal in life.
Take steps to reach the goal.
Find ways for her to see your actions.
Ask her out and take her reason as constructive criticism if she says no.
Learn from the constructive criticism and ask again.
Focus somewhere else if she turns down for the second time.

How to Convince a Guy for a Date

Good friendship may end with an attempt to level up at a wrong time. Avoid a friendship break up with the following steps:

Stop the present role.

Upgrading the friendship to a romantic level demands change in the relationship. Through time, his friendship with you could have developed greatly and turned you to not just one of the guys away from being a girlfriend material but to a kid sister she protects. Additionally, he may see you as a mother friend and a best friend who knows all and to whom he trusts with his rewards, mistakes, fun, and adventures with all recklessness and abandon, leaving nothing to the imagination. Stop being a friend if you want a treatment more than a friend.

Be a dating material.

Be more ladylike and dramatically change your looks that he notices. Impress him with confidence and how an amazing girlfriend role lies in you.

Flirt and be honest.


“A little flirting can work wonders for you”

Take it easy as it can be difficult turning to flirty mode. As possible, look and stay closer than usual. Show interest by flirting with your words and initiating a casual hangout with just the two of you. If you sense he likes you, say how you feel.

A first date is similar to flirting online in that one should not believe all that is said, and that not all must be told. The difference is that you no longer have the security behind the computer screen and getting lured may cost you your life. Yet, pleasant and honest people are around and many marriages are rooted from online dating sites that work. Be cautious, be careful, be aware, be alert, be on the watch for the red flags, and be safe. Do not trust too easily so you do not wind up in a compromising situation but trust if you must. Trust your head over your heart and trust with your time. Get that online attraction to dating and develop to that powerful emotion called love.

Body Language & Dating – Strategies on How to Use It, and Interpret It


“You can tell from a look if someone is interested in you”

Most of the time, how people behave towards one another determines the nature of the transaction and how it can go forward. Although not an exact science, body language is a reliable indicator of communication: your body language reveals your feelings to others while other people’s body language can reveal their feelings to you.
As a consequence, a strong opinion is formed long before the other person speaks a single word. This two-way communication continues throughout a relationship, much of it happens on an unconscious level.

Body Language and Dating

Body language plays a crucial role when meeting someone for the first time. Many experts agree that a majority of human communications is non-verbal. It is generally accepted that non-verbal communications are very important in how we understand each other especially in face to face and one on one communications, most definitely when the communications involve an emotional aspect.
When meeting someone for the first time, we are on the lookout for signals that will tell us the true intentions of the other person and adult dating strategy is no exception.
From something as simple as looking up or the way a glass is held, body language sends out subtle signals that are stronger than any pickup line. And when played just right, using the proper body language during a first date can actually result to a second date.

Context in Body Language


“Understanding her body language could be the key to date night success”

Depending upon the situation, the nature of body language may actually change. Sitting opposite someone in a work environment can be interpreted as confrontational but it is often intimate and enabling for sexual and romantic relationships, i.e. full constant eye to eye contact and full frontal face off between men and women.
Personal space also has different interpretations in socio-sexual situations as compared to work environment. At work, care must be given not to invade personal space. When flirting, along with dancing, personal space becomes an arena for ritual and play.
The environment, while not part of body language, plays a vital role in the dating and mating ritual. People seeking a mate are practically marketing themselves. Knowing about flirting body language then becomes useful in a favorable environment.

Adult dating strategy on a first date

It’s always nice to put your best foot forward in a date but you may want to practice a little prudence until you can determine if you and your date is a decent match. Until then, it’s best to keep to off risky and controversial topics. When going out with someone for the first time, body language is an extremely helpful tool. If you don’t pay close attention to the non-verbal cues, you can go on talking about a topic that makes you date uncomfortable or something that she may find unpleasant.
Paying attention to your date’s behavior can be difficult when you’re supposed to be listening to everything that they’re saying. With a little practice, however, watching for the right signals can guide you if the person in front of you is somebody worth taking the risk of getting to know.
You don’t have to look for anything complicated on a date. Just look out for general signs of discomfort. Initially, people are very guarded in the way they relate. This is fine on a first date, but you should watch out if it keeps happening to subsequent encounters. People have a natural tendency to mimic the behavior of others. If you’re warm and open, this will help your date to loosen up and match your behavior.
You may want to be careful not to psych yourself when you pick up some negative body language. Don’t worry about making a few mistakes yourself. Nonverbal cues are there to guide and see how you’re doing. If you receive extended moments of negative body language, move on to another topic. Of course, there is the possibility that you and your date may not click. Don’t let an evening of awkward negative non-verbal cues to get you down, move on.

When HE is interested…


“Men try to get physically close to the women they like”

Men are forever interested in women and male body language is innately designed to attract attention. Nothing happens without first attracting attention which becomes more critical in a crowded and highly competitive environment such as a nightclub or dating web site. Male signals are therefore designed to attract the attention of many females rather than directed at one female in particular.
Male interest is always ready to respond to opportunity when an available female shows interest. You can learn more about this with the help of guides to adult dating. Read the adult dating strategy from the adult dating guide to understand girls body language. Despite millennia of evolution, the prevalent signals males use to announce their availability to attract the female of the species haven’t changed and under normal circumstances can even be considered lame:
Wide stance or legs apart – males do this to give the impression of increasing size
Posturing, normally with erect stance, chest out, shoulders back and stomach in
“Chest thumping” or the attention drawing behavior of males which often involve laughing too loudly, head tossing and playing the fool
Scanning the room to indicate their availability and partly to check for available females
Preening and grooming
Dressing style, which is normally an extension of personality and therefore a part of body language.

When SHE is interested…


“If females know what they want, they take it”

Female also have a variety of ways of attracting attention but are by far selective as opposed to males which are constant and indiscriminate. Below are common female flirting body languages that express interest:
Establishing eye contact which is often accompanied with the gesture of looking away. This is considered the standard sign of interest which can hook a male reaction. This signal is affirmed when repeated with longer eye contact.
Lowering the head slightly sideways and looking up which shows coyness or vulnerability
The smile which is an obvious sign of interest

  • Preening the hair
  • Tilting which exposes the neck
  • Flicking the hair together with a slight tossing movement of the head
  • Stroking the thigh while seated
  • Self touching as this draws attention to the sexually appealing parts of the body and teases the male
  • Leaning forward indicating interest or attraction
  • Mirroring to show interest
  • Standing opposite which allows for flirting and direct eye contact
  • The foot is pointing and knee pointing which indicates an interest
  • Leg twine – when employed flirtatiously has sexual connotations and stimulates the male’s basic urges.
  • Shoe dangling which is a signal of relaxation or of greater promise
  • Picking or removing fluff especially from a target’s clothing is playing in the intimate personal zone and the act of picking is merely an excuse


When interpreting body language, take care not to conclude based on a single body signal. Clusters of signals are more reliable. Although considered relevant, some signals like leg crossing or knee pointing may be due to an attempt to find a more comfortable position rather interest in flirting.
Body language in flirting can suggest strong compatibility but other factors can come into play resulting in the initial interest dying out. Men and women still rely on conversation and verbal communication to determine if the attraction is mutual. Some flirting may also be engaged with no intention of any romantic or sexual involvement.

Signs Your Novel Is Not Ready for Publishing, Especially Not Self Publishing


“Do not publish your book until it’s completely ready”

It’s a thrilling thing to complete a novel, but penning the words “the end” does not mean that you’re finished. With the incredible lure of the eBook self publishing platform, its a little wonder that many authors rush to the presses with their precious books. But don’t make that mistake. Before you decide to look into the publishing options and tools that you can find on the various eBook self publishing platforms, go on this review page http://ebookselfpublishingsecrets.net/top-tools-reviews/ and read the reviews of the eBook self publishing platforms. Also, check for these things. The presence of any of these things means that your novel needs more editing and may even need to go back to the drawing board.
Don’t assume that just because you can self publish that you should. The errors you’ll find here can be found in a number of different books, including traditionally published ones. But self published authors must fight against negative stereotypes in some cases. You alone will build up your author’s platform, and the only way that you can do that is if you have a well written product. That extends to novels just as much as to self help books and how to manuals.

The Presence of a Mary Sue or a Marty Stu

Take a good hard look at all your characters, watching in particular for the presence of a Mary Sue or Marty Stu. Spend any time in a writer’s group, and you’ll know that you don’t want a Mary Sue or Marty Stu or any of their clichéd equivalents. It’s a term used to refer to a character who is absolutely perfect, always saving the day, and generally representing the author’s idealized version of herself or himself as the case may be. It’s a form of wish fulfillment, and the character is poorly developed without any depth or realism. The term first developed in 1973 when Paula Smith published a parody in which a young woman named Lieutenant Mary Sue Whipple at only age fifteen and a half, managed to reach great heights, save the day, win the hearts and good graces of Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Commander Spock. From there, the term caught on, and it has been used regularly to indicate a character that is absolutely unbearable in perfection and lacking in depth.
It can be difficult to realize whether your beloved character is a Mary Sue or Marty Stu. The best way to find out is to submit your story to a critique group. You can also take online tests such as “The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test.” Each character in your novel as well as your secondary characters should have clear motivations, personalities, strengths, and flaws.

Long Descriptions That Do Not Move the Plot Forward or Engage the Reader


“Keep your descriptions short”

It’s true that many English professors prize the long-winded descriptions that make Victor Hugo’s and J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing looks brief. Yet the reading demographics have changed significantly since those authors’ times, and modern readers don’t have the patience. Take particular care in this regard if your audience is the young adult or teen market. This particular market is one of the most unforgiving when it comes to long winded descriptions. The best eBook self publishing platform will not help you keep your reader’s attention if you go on too long.
The simplest way to check for this problem is to go through and look for large blocks of descriptions. Often times, these sections can take up pages. A famous section in Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” goes on for more than twelve pages describing the setting in intense and precise detail that can almost put the modern reader to sleep. Unfortunately, Writer’s Digest states that some modern writers, both self published and traditionally published, have written poorer developed sections that go on three times as long.
Ideally, your solid descriptions should not last for more than a single page. Keep it interspersed with action and dialogue to keep it moving. Remember that eBook readers have a shorter attention span than readers of traditional books due to the nature of the screen. You can write beautifully, and you must write precisely. But you must be succinct as well if you want to keep your readers engaged.

Open with a Cliché or Hackneyed Opening


“Try to create a surprising element in your book”

From Writer’s Digest to Script Cops, the most clichéd and hackneyed opening is considered the alarm clock opening and the waking from a dream opening. Find another way to open your story. Pay particular attention if you have tried to get your novel published traditionally and publishers or agents have commented on your introduction. The first few pages are the most crucial to catching your readers’ attention and convincing them to finish reading.
Your novel probably works best when it starts in media res. That means in the middle of things. Drop your readers into the action. Don’t start them at the beginning of the character’s day. If you absolutely must start with an alarm clock, make sure that it’s the most riveting alarm clock scene possible and has plenty to set it apart. Otherwise, your readers will drop your book side.

Episodic Storytelling


“Keep an element of continuity in your book”

Look at your overall novel arc. Can you find one? A number of novels suffer from episodic storytelling. Episodic storytelling occurs when the novel lacks any cohesive story arc and moves from one episode to another without much connection. The individual episodes might be exciting, but they do not create a cohesive whole. It is similar to some of a television show with a cast of characters whose actions in one episode make little difference to the plot in the next.
The problem with an episodic novel is that it creates feelings of discontinuity. It’s confusing, and it’s difficult to get through the entire book. Even with the best eBook self publishing platform, this type of novel will not sell well. Such a novel tends to meander. The one exception is if you present your novel as a series of short stories all interconnected like Honore de Balzac did in “La Comedie Humaine.” Even so, you must make sure that your characters are influenced and affected by the events in the previous chapters. Short story collections have become particularly popular, especially in eBooks. They’re easy to read at a single sitting, and interconnected short stories can be just as effective as general anthologies.

Your Novel Is Just Your Story, Very Thinly Disguised


“Don’t just type your story, but make it interesting for readers”

If you want to tell your own story, then do that. Many authors want to, but they realize that memoirs of people who don’t have exciting lives or who are not famous have a very small market. And that is quite true. A memoir typically sells less than 20 volumes, and most of those volumes are purchased by family members. So if no one is going to want to read about your story when they know it’s your life story, you have to wonder why they would be fooled by a thin disguise.
This happens when you write about characters based on people you know without giving them character traits or depth. Because you’re so close to this kind of novel, you must send it out to other readers. Beta readers can be found in critique groups. They will tell you if your characters lack in depth or believability. Bear in mind that it can be hard to receive this particular critique. Stories based on your own life are deeply personal, but they do not appeal to most audiences because such stories typically lack depth. If you still want to write this kind of story, then look at autobiographies like Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” She details her life and the events that impacted her while providing depth and character to all of the other players.

Better Ways to Get Quality Reviews for Your Online Training System


“Get quality reviews”

It is common knowledge that having positive reviews for your educational courses and information products can make customers significantly more likely to purchase them. According to “A Marketers Guide to Accumulating Awesome Online Reviews,” customers are 59 percent more likely to make a purchase when they see positive reviews about a product or course.
Because of this drastic increase in sales, a number of businesses have engaged in less than ethical practices to get positive reviews. Methods include hiring people to post fake reviews, praising the services, as well as posting general requests for reviews with promises of payment and bonus rewards. According to the New York Times, such practices are likely to backfire significantly on businesses in the near future. Even otherwise legitimate businesses though are starting to become nervous. After all, they wonder how they can compete with businesses using fake positive reviews when it can be so hard to get positive quality reviews from legitimate sources. Fortunately, you can get great reviews for your online training system in courses, but you need to do some legwork.

Research Competitive and Complementary Services for Targets


“A thorough market research will help”

While you shouldn’t buy reviews, you can request reviews from specific individuals. According to “Rolling in Reviews,” one of the best ways to get high quality reviews for online training systems, books, and the like is to seek out individuals who would be interested in your product and offering to let them participate in the course for free if they provide a review. Currently, the Federal Trade Commission does not consider this to be a form of payment.
Check out individuals who provided reviews for competitive as well as complimentary services. Depending on the online training system platform you’ve chosen, you may be able to directly contact competitors’ students for your online courses. The key to success is to make sure that your request for reviews is targeted at individuals who have already made it clear they’re interested in similar products and courses. Create a simple letter that explains what your courses are about, how you found this individual’s information, and what you are asking for. Make it clear that you are not requesting a positive review. You can explain that you will provide the course for free so that the reviewer may evaluate it objectively, but that this does not obligate the reviewer to provide a positive review. You can conclude by saying that any feedback the reviewer has to offer would be valuable. Then wait to see whether or not he responds. While in most cases it’s appropriate follow-up on messages within a few days, don’t do that when requesting reviews. Since you don’t have a connection or relationship with these individuals and you’re asking them to basically do you a favor, it’s best not to annoy them. Depending on the online training system platform that you’re using, it could also get you labeled as a spammer if you continue to pester people. A single message will not get you in trouble unless it’s against site policy. So, it’s important that you choose a legit and successful online training platform. You can get top training tools here: http://online-training-guide.com/top-training-tools/. Make sure to utilize the online training systems to your benefit.
You may also consider contacting complementary blogs and asking whether owners would be willing to review the course. The review itself can then be posted either on the blog or on the website or both. It helps if you’ve already established a positive relationship with the blog owners rather than contacting them without any previous relationship.

Ask for Reviews from Your Base

If you already have people who have taken the course, ask them if they would be willing to write a review. Once more, make it clear that they do not have to be positive reviews. This type of feedback is generally some of the most valuable. According to a survey completed by Bazaar Voice, consumers are 51 percent more likely to trust user generated content over friends and family members’ opinions on information products.
Make sure that you send personal request to individuals who have taken the course. A common mistake that many businesses make is to simply send out a generic request over Facebook or Twitter. When you specifically target individuals and make the request personal to them, you make it significantly more likely that they will respond.

Promote the Course on Google+

Getting reviews also helps promote your page rank on Google. But Google has made it clear they will be cracking down on what they perceive as false or illegitimate reviews. Since it takes time to get positive reviews, no matter what your online training system is, you can counter this by promoting your course on Google+. Google ranks content shared over Google+ higher than cottage it on any other social media platform.

Submit Your Content to Review Sites

Depending on the kind of content you develop and the niche you are in, you may able to request a review from content review sites. Constant Reader as well as Plugged In is two examples of review sites and publications. Whether they accept unsolicited offers is dependent on the season as much as the individual publication. Check the requirements, and make sure that you follow them. Do not harass a potential content review site just so that they will review your product or course. Often times, the review will not be favorable.

Create a Specific Space for Reviews on Your Website and on the Online Training System


“It’s important to have a feedback section on your website”

According to the “A Marketers Guide to Accumulating Awesome Online Reviews,” one of the best ways to start getting great reviews is to make sure that your own website has a place for reviews. You can set up a basic information form to gather these reviews. If you opt for a public and automatically published comment system, remember to retain some form of content control. A number of businesses have purchased negative reviews to think competitors’ business. You need to be able to retain a certain level of control to eliminate these kinds of reviews as well as slanderous and otherwise offensive statements that have nothing to do with your course.
Often times, websites post this information under “Feedback” or “Contact Us.” You can follow this pattern, or set it up on an entirely separate page. The online system you’re using for your educational courses may also include an option for customized review feedback.

Run a Survey with a Review Component


“Conduct a survey and get genuine reviews from your customers”

Another way to get reviews is to offer a survey that has a review component. While you can purchase programs that create surveys for the, a number of places such as Survey Monkey allow you to create fairly professional surveys for just about any need.
The survey itself should be fairly brief. Make sure to ask a question about what can be improved as well. It also helps to have a place for your students to provide feedback on what they enjoyed most and whether they would recommend your course and information products to other people. In this way, the survey provides significantly more valuable information and just reviews. So long as you include a notice at the beginning or the end of the survey that responses may be copied into promotional materials unless the individual opts out, you can use everything that’s written in the survey.

Differences Between iPad, MS Surface And Android Tablets

Since the technology world said goodbye to the bulky desktops and welcomed the tablets just a few years back, a battle has ensued over who will develop the master tablet or as the ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans will say; the one that rules them all. Apple was the pacesetters with the beloved iPad, then came tablets based on Google’s Android OS and recently came the Surface from Microsoft. These three are what you might consider when making a decision to get a tablet, let’s take them to our labs and decipher what their differences are. For benchmarking we will use the iPad 4, Google Nexus 10 for Android and Surface RT.


The iPad, currently in fourth generation, is based on Apples iOS operating system. The latest iOS, version 6, implements an elegant and very intuitive interface, something that Apple is well known for. It boasts an amazing collection of features and integrated apps that makes this Operating platform innovative, powerful and fun to interact with.

The Android tablet is not a specific gadget from a single manufacturer, there are several out there like Google Nexus 10, Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Sony Tablet S, what unifies them is the Linux based operating system, Android. Quickly gaining popularity as the mobile operating system of choice for the masses some of its features include superior multitasking capabilities, widgets, better notifications, multi-touch interface and USB tethering among many other features.

Based on the DOS infrastructure, the Surface can have either Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT. Some notable features of these two OS include; virtual booting, Bitlocker encryption, ability to receive remote desktop connection and uses metro interface by default.


The iPad 4 uses a A6X Dual-core chip clocking at 1.4GHz with quad-core graphics. Supporting it is 1GB of RAM. The Google nexus on the other hand has a Dual-core Exynos A15 chip that runs at 1.7GHz over a 2GB of RAM making it much more powerful than the iPad 4. The SurfacePro packs an Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) clocking at 1.7GHz with 4GB default RAM.


The iPad 4 weighs 652 grams, has a thickness of 0.37 inches and diagonal screen size of 9.7 inches. It has two cameras the Facetime HD and iSight with 1.2 and 5 Mega Pixels respectively capable of high definition video recording at 1080p.

iPad, MS Surface And Android Tablets

iPad, MS Surface And Android Tablets

The Nexus 10 tips the scales at 603 grams, 8.9mm thick and with a display size of 10 inches. The front camera is 5MP and the rear one is 1.9MP. The Surface Pro comes in at 910 grams and has 10.6 inches of display area. It is 0.53 inches thick.


Head to head, the three tablets have the following in common; wifi and bluetooth capabilities, internal speakers and 3.5mm Audio jack. When it comes to storage capacity, 16GB or 32GB is standard on all the three, iPad and the Surface Pro goes further by including 64GB and 128GB versions of the tablet. The Surface also comes with an input pen. Both Nexus 10 and Surface comes with a micro-HDMI and Micro-SD card port, a feature lacking in the iPad 4.

Apple's iPad leads

Apple’s iPad leads

In terms of market share, as of March 2013, the Apple’s iPad leads with 61.41% followed by Android at 24.85% lastly the Windows based Surface at a mere 1.5%. Android is however set to give the iOS based tablet a run for their money with like of Samsung coming up with superior Android based Tablets and smartphones. The Surface can not be overlooked, though still young in the market it has great potential, but only time will tell.

What The Best 10 Tips For Striking Up A Conversation In A Bar?

People go out to have fun in bars and sometimes they fail to bring a friend along. When listening to music and downing drinks, it is always good to have someone to have a conversation with. The conversation is not only a learning experience but also a way of relieving tension and relaxing. The following are the best 10 tips for striking up a conversation in a bar.

Find a relevant topic to discuss around the bar and engage the other party

1. Look at the things you have in common

Bars are places that host different people with different interests. When looking for someone to conserve with, people should look at the one thing they share in common with the people in the bar. This creates a common ground to start the conversation. The common ground could be a game, a brand of beer or even the clothes the person is wearing.

2. Engage the person you want to converse with

It is important to let the other party talk and air their views. When they express their interests, it helps one to know the topics they are interested in hence showing them what they can talk about. It also indicates the topics to avoid that might offend the person one wants to talk to.

3. Find out the hobbies one is interested in

The hobbies that the person is interested in always give them something to talk about. The conversation gets more interesting when the two people have common interests.

Inquire about the person’s career and what they do. This is a great way to take the conversation to the next level. Always make the conversation casual and avoid prying. It is important that the person feels comfortable.

4. Talk about your own career

This always gets the other person to participate more in the conversation. Talking about ones occupation also makes sure the conversation is not a monologue.

5. Ask them about their career

Pay attention to what they tell about their careers. Always compliment and appreciate what the other party does. This will avoid intimidation. People are always comfortable with those that appreciate the work they do.

6. Concentrate on the person and not yourself

When the conversation lies more on the person, they always feel appreciated. This will help to avoid one looking like a braggart and a nagger easing the flow of the conversation.



7. Talk about your families

This move is very sensitive. But if people are willing to talk about their families it means they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. Always avoid talking about the parents as this might be offensive. Siblings can be discussed but this should be short and shallow.

8. Ask the person why they come to the joint

The person might be from the nearby and they visit the bar often. This will help one to make a friend whenever they are going out.

9. Offer the person a drink

If one takes the initiative to buy the other person a drink, it shows a kind gesture. This will also give time to extend the conversation.

10. Exchange contacts

Exchange contacts

Exchange contacts

If the other person enjoyed the conversation, they will definitely enjoy your company in the near future. Exchanging contacts such as cell numbers and e-mails can help you keep the friends. These 10 tips for striking up a conversation in a bar can help people make friends and avoid boredom in bars. There is no need to enjoy a drink alone amidst people.

Top 5 Types Of Exercise To Get You In Shape For The Swimsuit Season

Now that the swimsuit season is just around the corner, getting back to the gym and focusing on developing an exercise routine may sounds more important and promising to most of us. Whether you enjoy going to the gym to follow an effective exercise routine, or you prefer exercising outdoors casually in your free time – such as jogging, cycling, or even perhaps doing some Yoga in your backyard. So here are five helpful exercise ideas you can enjoy at home or in the gym this spring and summer.

Top 5 Types of Exercise to Get You in Shape for the Swimsuit Season

When you are considering joining a gym for an effective exercise routine for fitness before the swimsuit season arrives, it is important to know your various options. This helps you choose the best type of exercise plan at the gym that helps you towards your fitness goals. So here are the 5 most popular fitness ideas for men and women that you can consider trying.

1. Cardiorespiratory

This type of training is best for your heart and lungs, and helps you develop the necessary strength and endurance to perform various sustained physical activities – such as jogging, swimming, cycling, and more. This type of exercise is perfect for losing weight during a short time and developing endurance for prolonged physical activities.

2. Increased Muscle Strength

Volleyball increase Muscle Strength

Volleyball increase Muscle Strength

You may know this type of fitness exercise usually done by men, by lifting weights and similar trainings. If you have weak muscles, weight training is the perfect healthy women’s fitness plan you can use to strengthen your body during your gym workouts. Although this type of training helps less in terms of losing weight, it builds more muscles and strengthens your core, which brings lots of health benefits over the years.

3. Body Composition

Body composition fitness programs at the gym helps you keep your body balanced in terms of muscles, water and fat in different parts of your body. This is an important type of fitness to consider, since it guarantees your body will be fit, strong and healthy in all parts and not just only partially.

4. Flexibility

Fitness trainings such as Yoga and Pilates help your muscles stretch more easily, keeping your body more fit and flexible.

5. Cardio and Aerobic Exercises

Cardio exercises help strengthen your heart and lungs, improve blood sugar control, and lower your blood pressure over time. Also since aerobic exercises will teach you to take deeper and longer breaths, the increased intake of oxygen also helps renew your cells and result in a better and healthier skin appearance.

Cardio and Aerobic Exercises

Cardio and Aerobic Exercises

So by discovering more about these 5 various types of exercise, you can choose the ones which you enjoy or find more effective, when it comes to reaching your desired fitness goals. You can also mix a few of them together to combine the unique health and fitness benefits each of them offer. For example keeping an exercise routine with both flexibility and cardio exercises help you build stronger muscles while improving your heart rate and decreasing your blood pressure.

Looking For A Small Business Credit Card? Here’s How To Do It

A smart entrepreneur should know that his personal bank accounts need to be separated from his business accounts. One way to do it is to get a credit card exclusively for business expenses. It’s more than convenience, as it lets you keep tabs of every cash outflow easier, with no chance that it will be mixed with personal expenditures that don’t have anything to do with production/ your establishment. It’s also a huge advantage when seeking to build credit, as it helps a great deal when you need to add funds to your account. So if you’re wondering how to go about getting a good business credit card, you’re in luck. Keep on reading to find out what these tips are.

Review Fees and Interest Rates with Care

Most credit institutions will tie your credit card with a promotional APR rate on your first year, and then jump right up to the “real” interest rate on the second year. Before you sign up for anything, be sure to make a thorough review of the fine print included with the card. It is also very important for you to know first-hand how much the monthly & annual fees are going to be, what perks you’ll be getting in return, and if it will prove to be of good use to you and your business.

Reward Programs

Reward Programs

Reward Programs

It’s great to be able to find a credit card that gives rewards related to your business. Like if you’re involved in the food business, office supplies, retail, etcetera, you can get reward points/discounts if you make your purchases at certain locations. It would be great to get frequent flyer mile rewards or discounts on restaurants, or car or hotel rentals if you make frequent travels. This is the reason why you need to compare credit cards, to know how much value you can get from paying high and sometimes fluctuating interest rates.

Late Payment Fees

Knowing if it is possible for your credit card to give you grace periods or reasonable/flexible payment terms is one way to protect yourself should something unexpected happen to your business. Paying below minimum or paying late will also put a dent to your credit score. Because your business credit rating is at risk, you need to make sure you’re two steps ahead when it comes to important information such as these.

Late Payment Fees

Late Payment Fees

There you go folks, the three most useful tips which can help you land a business credit card that would best suit your needs. For small business owners, this can be your lifeline if in dire need of extra cash for production or other business-related expenses, so be smart with your choices. Choose the best small business credit card that can boost capital and profit. Good luck!

The Best Ways To Deal With A Bad Boss

Office politics is not a new trend at all. In fact, a lot of nonsense may occur in the workplace which is not correct at all. Your self-confidence takes a beating when you are not treated with respect at all. But what are your options when you need that job more than anyone else. You may get totally frustrated and turn to alcohol or log onto Facebook to vent out your frustrations. But in order to make the situation less stressful it is imperative that you know how to deal with a bad boss. Let us discus what are your likely options.

1) You may quit the job

This is the first option that everyone thinks of. But is it really so easy to find another job in this bleak economy? This is a huge gamble as many employers may not be willing to add new employees in their payroll. If you love taking risks then this is a good option for you, otherwise don’t even think about it.

2) Confront your boss

Just walk up to your boss and tell what you really think of his/her behavior. This step may involve serious repercussions as it is highly likely that the boss does not actually care what you think of him or her. You can get demoted or penalized due to insubordination or worse, you may be shown the door.

3) Change your attitude

This is actually easier said than done. Frankly there is no reason to change yourself when you are not the source of problem. If the problem persists you need to change your strategy. Displaying the same behavior or doing the same thing over and over again will not change anything. Since this is the real world you need to change your attitude a little bit to please your boss. In most of the cases this does the trick and the behavior of the boss towards you improves a lot.

4) Ensure that you are protected

Handle a Bad Boss

Handle a Bad Boss

You must document everything that happens with your boss. You should have on paper what was said, at what time and what really happened. This is what you can take to the higher authorities if you are really pissed off with your immediate boss. There are no certainties in life; you own colleagues may ditch you when you need their support the most. You will need these notes if the higher ups show cause you and ask for a proper explanation for the strained relation between you and the boss.

Having said all these it must be mentioned that you first need to decide which way you want your career to go. Going head on against your boss may de-stabilize your position in the present company and you should be ready for all kinds of repercussions. You just need to chalk out a plan so that even an adverse result does not stop you from achieving your goals.

Boss Harasment

Boss Harasment

You must have adequate confidence to ask your boss the right questions. Do not put stress on yourself even if you have your back against the wall. Deal with any sort of problem only when they arise and there is no need to fight it out with your boss unnecessarily. Address all problems with a high level of maturity so that your job is not jeopardized at all.